The Magnificent Maya

Posted on Oct 7, 2016 6:10:32 PM by Shannon Donnelly.

Early archaeological evidence of the Mayan dynasty dates back to 750 BC. Their incredible culture is well known for its accomplishments in art, architecture, astronomical mapping, calendar...

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Donation of the Month - Holy Cross Anglican School

Posted on Aug 24, 2016 3:50:36 PM by Grand Baymen.

Each month, Grand Baymen chooses a local organization in Belize that is committed to furthering the development of the community.  For the month of August, Grand Baymen has selected Holy Cross...

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The Flights Keep Coming

Posted on Aug 11, 2016 2:57:57 PM by Sean Connors.

Belize is once again making international news!  

WestJet, a major commercial Canadian airline, has announced their arrival in Belize. Beginning October 29, two flights per week will be available...

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Invest Your Trust in Belize and Earn

Posted on Jul 28, 2016 3:22:38 PM by Sean Connors.

Invest Your Trust in Belize and Earn

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Tourism in Belize is Booming

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 6:02:04 PM by Grand Baymen.

Belize is continuing to set records when it comes to tourism!  So far this year, this Caribbean Central American country has seen a double digit increase per month in visitors.  Out of all the...

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Natural Resources in Belize Grown and Consumed at Home

Posted on Jun 21, 2016 2:18:23 PM by Sean Connors.

One of the biggest things that strikes people upon their first visit to the country of Belize is the abundance of fresh fruit, seafood, organic meats, and even wine. After a few more visits, or...

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Getting Your Hair Cut in San Pedro is Just the Start

Posted on Jun 14, 2016 10:56:00 AM by Sean Connors.

You can do research for months or even years before you move to another country. And we recommend that you do conduct your due diligence before doing so. This means doing a little homework with...

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Grand Baymen is Safe and Secure

Posted on Jun 10, 2016 11:53:31 AM by Sean Connors.

One of the biggest fears people have when visiting or considering purchasing real estate in a developing country is for their overall safety. It is only when you feel safe within a new or...

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Ocean Views Increase Happiness

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 11:10:49 AM by Sean Connors.

Sure, lots of people dream of retiring seaside and relaxing in the sand every single day. They equate living on an island or at least a beach with total contentment. Why is this the familiar...

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Flights Getting Cheaper, Faster

Posted on Jun 6, 2016 10:51:53 AM by Sean Connors.

This summer is highly expected to be a time of bargain pricing for major airlines. You can also expect the trend of falling prices to continue throughout the calendar year. The dropping prices of...

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