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Hello Ann and Mike:

Just when you thought I’d forgotten about you all…
Below is my “review” observations about your hospitality and presentation during Marie’s and my stay with you during the Chill Weekend in January 2010.

  • The effort to make the visit exceptionally enjoyable by you, Mike, Kelly & Paul was remarkable, especially since the weather was in the 50’s during the “Chill” Weekend. ( We didn’t realize that you meant “Chill” for real!)
  • You guys showed us quite a bit of the island, real estate, stores restaurants, local color, and amenities. We got a a good first experience during the stay.
  • I think you and Mike did the very best you could of marketing your Grand Baymen development, considering that it’s pre-construction and there were not yet any model units to view when we visited.
  • And, you did your job to explain the benefits of buying a future unit, although in our case we were not inclined at this time to purchase anything while our lives back in the USA are getting settled.
  • I thought the presentations by Caye Bank and Georgetown Trust were very relaxed and quite informative.
  • Finally, the comradeship of our entire group, yourself, Mike, Peter Nolan and the gang from San Francisco, Peter Perez, Kelly & Paul, and the new restaurant people made the trip an A+. This makes a huge difference when someone is considering entering new phases in their life. Whether it be re-location retirement, investment, extended vacations, real estate, etc. .

I hope this helps… and, if God is willing, we will see you guys soon.
Best Regards,


John L. Piemonte
Chicago, Illinois