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To Grand Baymen Website Readers:

Have you ever decided to try a organized corporate real estate weekend....you know the kind I mean .... you are invited to attend a resort for sale in a new province, (state), country or at a new lake, at a greatly reduced price for a few days, with only your agreement to spend a few hours viewing the property, listening to the corporate story and enjoying a short tour?

I recently experienced this type of weekend with an entirely new slant. At Grand Baymen Belize Resort on Ambergris Caye in Belize, I spent five of my loveliest holidays earlier this year (2010)!! Not once feeling pressured, uncomfortable, or wrongly connected, I spent a delightful, resourceful, and peaceful adventure with great take-home documentation, allowing me to follow up within my own time frame.

I met ten corporate representatives, and have personal connections to each of their different corporate responsibilities. All the resources I could possibly need to peacefully make up my own mind if Belize and Grand Baymen are right for my retirement!!

This was a really fabulous experience!

Please contact annb@grandbaymen.com for this spectacular opportunity!!


Sally Burke
Ontario, Canada