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In March of 2016, Ed and I will have lived at Baymen Gardens, Ambergris Caye for 3 years, making it our home year-round.  When we purchased pre-construction, we had every reason to trust the honesty and service of the great people of ECI and their associates.  We have not been disappointed.

When entering the ground-level of a development, it takes patience; it is easy to want to have everything done at once and quickly.  This is not reality.

The reality is that good people have listened to our questions, honestly answered them and helped us to understand the progress of the development.  This has happened often over these years and just recently, we experienced it once more.

We have recently made the acquaintance of Michael Hanyecz, the COO of ECI; Michael took time to meet with us twice during the three weeks he was here on the island, and he gave his time to clarify many details of the development.  

One of the issues we discussed, referred to the electronic lock on our main door.  Michael is an expert in security and he took time to explain the electronic lock and problem-solved with us concerning our individual problem.  He went above and beyond what we expected by arranging for the service of our lock at no cost to us.  He stood behind his security product with knowledge and willingness to listen to us and help us to understand.

Being able to communicate with the builders, the developers, and the important people associated with our condo purchase almost three years later means so much to us.


Edward and Carolyn Pado