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For Belize’s tourism industry, October was off the charts in terms of good news. First of all, Southwest Airlines is now flying to Belize. As you can imagine, prices of fares to Belize are already falling. The enhanced competition will be a blessing for all travelers who want to visit this gem of a country. It is also a boom for investors who already own property as more and more folks are able to come and rent their condos and homes on the water.

Tourism continues its trend of setting year-over-year records for arrivals, the latest in the third quarter of 2015. While official numbers won’t come out until January, things are looking very, very good. The fourth quarter could see even greater increases due to Southwest’s inaugural flight to Belize! This is big news for the Caribbean nation, as it signals lower fares, higher arrivals, and stronger ties to major markets. We are all excited to see the long-term effects of this major expansion.

In other aviation news, the Prime Minister has announced plans to construct an International Airport on the island of Ambergris Caye. This will be an unprecedented boost in tourism for the island, and will profoundly affect the economy of San Pedro and the rest of the island. Continuing on its path of success after success this month, Belize brought home two of the most prestigious regional tourism awards. Belize beat out giant established locations such as Cancun, Roatan, and many others. To take advantage of the new businesses growing in Belize, in large part to cater to the growing influx of tourism, the Government of Belize has overhauled its business code, saving money and streamlining the process for property buyers and developers to add room inventory for the growing demand.

All of this is great news for the current and future owners at Grand Baymen. Do you own a condo? Have you been thinking about it? Owners will directly benefit from the rapid growth in tourism on Ambergris Caye. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to get in on the party. This month seriously knocked my socks off as I read headline after headline of tourism success. Proof that smart investment and playing to one’s strengths, even if you’re a small, poor country in Central America, can lead to huge rewards.

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