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Belize Newsletter March 2016

Dear Readers,

High season is in full swing in Belize, and anyone who lives on Ambergris Caye has seen more and more tourists arriving and staying on the island as the season continues. The numbers from 2015 easily broke past records, and Belize is on track for another record tourism year in 2016. The government is being proactive, and effective, in capitalizing and improving this growing industry. Through visits to the United States, the creation of comprehensive programs, and shoring up of existing institutions, Belize is preparing itself for growing numbers of tourists. It’s great to see the country really attempting to understand and best implement a plan to accommodate this influx of people.

Those already living or retired in Belize can expect to benefit from improvements as well. Not just the infrastructure and management improvements designed to handle increased tourism, but also the increased revenue flowing into the country. Ambergris Caye’s dominance in the region’s tourism market opens up the opportunity to execute projects on the mainland as well. 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Ambergris Caye, and Belize in general.

It’s really amazing to look at all the change that has taken place over the last decade, and to watch it accelerating at such a high rate right before my eyes. I hope you enjoy the articles above highlighting Ambergris Caye, the institutions helping the island’s local population, and the improvements happening country-wide in Belize. Please contact me if you have any questions about what’s happening on the island, or if you’d like to come for a visit in the near future. It’s a beautiful time of year, and the tropical paradise that Grand Baymen calls home is in full swing.

Until next time,

Michael Cobb
Chairman and CEO