Belize Newsletter June 2015. Ambergris Caye, San Pedro. Exiting News, Events, Activities, Social Projects and much more.


Dear Readers,                       

Life here on Ambergris Caye is as beautiful as ever. Construction is still growing on the island, driven by the rapid expansion of tourism. Jamaica, an established tourism destination, has offered guidance to Belize's Tourism Board. We look forward to future developments in that partnership. Women in Belize are benefiting from the tourism boom as well, and anyone currently planning a trip should be there just in time for mango season.

Adventure Sports Ministry just visited Ambergris Caye, and was hosted by Grand Baymen. They did some great work on the island, and it was a pleasure having them. Learn about Belize's move toward sustainability, and let your mouth water at the recap of the 2015 Lobster Fest. Get your tickets for next year, it's not to be missed!      



Michael Cobb