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Belize Newsletter February 2016

Dear Readers,

In this issue of your Belize Newsletter, you will find expert advice on how to make Belize your home, as well as read about what makes Belize such an incredible vacation destination. From prices far lower than its Caribbean counterparts, to star-powered resorts, to the remarkable ecology, Belize has emerged over the last year as the #1 destination in the world. In order to maintain and nurture its newfound place in the spotlight, Belize has undertaken important conservation efforts, as you will read above.

As many have heard, the Zika virus is a growing concern in Latin America, but Belize remains free of the virus as confirmed by the latest tests. This is due to the country’s thorough prevention and vector control measures that already have a proven track record. As more and more people consider the idea of moving to Belize, it is important to do research and learn as much as possible about your new home. In this issue you will find several articles about what exactly you should be looking for in your new tropical home, and how to make the most of it whether you’re on a budget or if money is no object. Enjoy these interesting reads, and learn about the exciting opportunities to live and invest in Belize. This is a unique point in time for a unique country, and I hope you choose to be a part of it.

Until next time,

Michael Cobb
Chairman and CEO