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Belize Newsletter April 2016

Dear Readers,

Welcome to a special Ambergris Caye edition of your Belize Newsletter. This month’s issue focuses on the developments and events on the island of Ambergris Caye. Did you know that over 2/3 of the all tourism revenues for the country of Belize come through Ambergris Caye? No wonder this is Belize’s most popular and important tourism destination.

Big news. Andrew Zimmerman, a top celebrity on the Travel Channel Food Network was just here. It says a lot that when he gets to choose where to travel on a family vacation, he chooses Ambergris Caye. Gary Greif, the island’s successful Deputy Mayor, has been re-elected by popular vote, and the police force just received a brand new vehicle to aid in security for the recent Holy Week celebrations.

This month brought some more excellent news for the tropical paradise of Belize. The country was just named the #1 destination in Central America. Belize continues to win tourism accolades, anchored by the extremely successful industry on Ambergris Caye. The country is right now reaching critical mass when it comes to tourism. You can see the growing numbers of celebrities and less-famous travelers alike are choosing Ambergris Caye as their vacation destination.

Enjoy the stories above, and be in touch to plan your next trip to this island paradise. You’ll discover a multitude of exciting adventures, opportunities and developments on Ambergris Caye, including Grand Baymen’s own new Oceanside Hotel. I’d love to hear about your interests, so e-mail with your thoughts when you have a minute.

Until next time,

Michael Cobb
Chairman and CEO


GB Oceanside