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Snorkeling In Belize
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Using Education to Reverse Plastic Pollution

Eight million tons, or the equivalency of 42,105 blue whales - this is the amount of plastic that's littering our oceans right now.



Boogies Belly Meat Pies

7 Local (& Inexpensive) Food Favorites Outside the Tourist Tracks

San Pedro is full of great places to eat where the food is not only very tasty, but it also won't break your bank account even if you visit them regularly.



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Grand Opening of Mirab Furniture Store in Belize

When it comes to shopping for home furnishings and décor in Belize, the options can be fairly limited, especially for those of us out on the cayes.  



 Caye International Bank staff

Why Bank in Belize?

**Pick of the Month**

Why exactly might someone want to bank in Belize? Luigi Wewegi, the Senior Vice President of Caye International Bank, lists the types of activities that make it advantageous to have a Belizean bank account.  




5 Reasons Why You Need A Beach Vacation Now

Science tells us that the sun, surf, and sand does the mind and body good. Who couldn't use some vitamin "sea", right? Especially when it's getting cold outside! 




Dear Friend,

The beginning of the holiday season, both in the U.S. and in Central America, is an incredible time of the year. There are many fun parts to the holiday equation, including taking time off to spend with family, working on various projects around the house, and taking in some new adventures.

Here on Ambergris Caye, Belize, the holiday season kicks off on December 1st with the Christmas Tree lighting in Central Park. Many visitors have already booked their flights to escape the cold and visit Belize this winter.  

Now, on to current news...

Eight million tons of plastic – which is the equivalency of over 42 thousand whales – is littering our oceans to date. This is a very bitter pill to swallow. Members of Rotaract Ambergris Caye have helped to take action by putting together a community-wide project about the pitfalls and negative effects of plastic pollution in the community. And more importantly, how to implement strategic methods to clean up our past mistakes.

If you have ever visited Ambergris Caye before, you know that the town of San Pedro, which is the main town on the island, is full of tasty places to eat. One of the many benefits of eating out, other than the delicious cuisines being offered, is it can be easy on the pocket book.

‘Tis the season to do some shopping. While you can get quite an assortment of basic essentials in Ambergris Caye, many folks head to the Mirab store in Belize City. Just recently, Mirab built a new, bigger and better, 3-story department store. They celebrated their Grand Opening on October 20th.

There are many reasons to do your banking in Belize. Luigi Wewege, the Senior Vice President of Caye International Bank lists the types of activities offered there, and why it can be quite advantageous to have a Belizean bank account.

Still thinking about taking that long-overdue trip to the beach? The holiday season is the perfect time to hop on a plane. Not only are there many scientific reasons to have a sun and surf adventure, Grand Baymen is offering some very enticing promos for 7-day, 10-day, and monthly accommodations. What are you waiting for?

Until next time,

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