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Dear Friend,

Belize is buzzing! Belize’s top destination, Ambergris Caye, has recently ranked as one of the top 25 destinations in the world by TripAdvisor. The secret is getting out, and we invite you to discover why.

Even more flights are making their way to Belize. This month, a new non-stop flight from Denver to Belize City was introduced by Southwest Airlines. This is perfect timing, as Coloradans continue to endure chilly temperatures.

And of course, Canadians can now take a trip down to Belize while skipping the hassle of U.S. Customs. That’s right! A new direct flight between Toronto and Belize City means that our Canadian friends can take a tropical vacation in Belize even easier.

For those residents already living on Ambergris Caye, improvements continue for San Pedro, the island community, and the surrounding areas. Just recently, the San Pedro Town Council colorfully repainted the amenities in Central Park for the Easter holiday season.

Lastly, Belize has received a lot of support from international organizations. The country as a whole has made great improvements in administering vaccinations, as well as preventing malaria. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor praised Belize for making major improvements in its entrepreneurial activities.

Great progress is happening in Belize. If there was ever a time for you to invest in Belize, it would be right now.

See you in Paradise!

Until next time,

Mike Cobb


Until next time,


Michael Cobb
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