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Belize Newsletter August 2016



Dear Readers,

Can you believe that the holidays are already upon us?

Down here in the sweet tropical weathers of Belize, the temperature may still say summer, but the fairy lights that line the street and the Christmas trees being lit in every square across the country say the season is here!

December is always a great time for reflection. A time to remember the things that we’re grateful for, and a time to put aside any anger and aguish from the year and revel in the light of our beliefs, our friendships, and our loved ones.

We’ve been pretty busy focusing on exactly those things down here in San Pedro. Our holiday toy drive is in full swing, and a few other fundraisers are wrapping up to support children and families in need around the island and beyond.

Our new sales office also opened up last month and we’ve been fortunate enough to have friends and family in and out to see the space and say hello. We hope that if you haven’t been by to check out our current progress and view our plans for the future, you’ll find time to do so soon. We’re always looking forward to a friendly face at the door.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy a few bits of Belize news to keep you in the know about all things paradise.

Until next time,

Michael Cobb
Chairman and CEO

GB Oceanside

GB Oceanside

GB Oceanside