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Water Improvements Coming to San Pedro

Posted by Betsy Rosenlund on Jul 8, 2019 2:48:41 PM
Betsy Rosenlund

Along with incredible growth in Belize's tourism comes improvements to build sustainable infrastructure.  Because Ambergris Caye is the #1 tourist destination in the country, we are seeing more time, energy, and resources being put towards improvements on this island.

BWS-Improvements-since-Takeover-Consolidated-Water-3.jpgInauguration of a million-gallon storage tank - Courtesy of The San Pedro Sun

In February 2019, Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) and Consolidated Water Belize Limited (CWBL) came to a US $7 million-dollar agreement, granting full ownership of all CWSL’s shares to BWSL. Through this acquisition, BWSL will now have full control over water production for Ambergris Caye. Also, BWSL will be able to make the necessary investments in infrastructure to provide more water to more parts of the island. 

On May 22nd, the San Pedro Town Council presented their plan for infrastructure improvements which include “…a second, million-gallon tank, and a completely separate water and sewage system for northern Ambergris Caye.” This is part of a larger US $1.5 million-dollar upgrade. Moreover, there are additional talks of a BZ $8.25 million dollar “expansion of water and waste water services within downtown San Pedro, including San Mateo and Boca del Rio.” One of the main goals is switching to thicker pipes to allow for increased water distribution. 

BWS-Improvements-since-Takeover-Consolidated-Water-5.jpgThe multimillion-dollar investment will overhaul the water supply system on Ambergris Caye

One of the largest items being presented is the future purchase of a reverse osmosis plant, set to arrive in July or August of this year, as well as construction of a million-gallon water tank for the southern part of the island. Once the reverse osmosis plant and new water tank are up and running, BWSL estimates that they will produce over 1.3 million gallons of water every day, compared to the current limit of about 800,000 gallons.

All of these improvements will greatly improve the lives of those living and working on the South side of the island. But what about the North side of the island? According to BWSL Chairman, Alberto August, BWSL has plans to make improvements, totaling nearly BZ $60-million dollars, including a separate water and sewage plant, which will help to eliminate stress on the water plants on the South end of the island and provide more consistent water flow to residents and visitors on the North part of the island.

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Betsy Rosenlund

Written by Betsy Rosenlund

Betsy Rosenlund graduated from the University of Denver in 2009 with degrees in Spanish and International Relations. Graduating at height of the recession, Betsy took her first sales job with Nordstrom. During her 6 years with Nordstrom, Betsy gained unparalleled sales and customer service training and experience; she was awarded with the Quarterly Pacesetter award several times over and recognized as a Future Nordstrom Leader, an invite-only management training program. A career change led Betsy briefly to Austin, TX, and shortly thereafter, Betsy traded in both her ski boots and cowboy boots for flip-flops and the sunny beaches of Belize to put her hard-earned degrees to work. Betsy joined the ECI Development team in January 2016 as the Business Development Manager and has since taken on the role of Director of Pre-/Post-Sales Customer Service. Outside of work, Betsy is a charter member and secretary of the Rotaract Club of Ambergris Caye Belize. Betsy also enjoys volunteering with the SHINE program for young women and girls, and regularly serves at Colleen’s Kitchen, a program of the San Pedro Food bank. She is the proud dog-mom to Monti, a Belizean rescue dog.