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Getting Your Hair Cut in San Pedro is Just the Start

Posted by Sean Connors on Jun 14, 2016 10:56:00 AM
Sean Connors

You can do research for months or even years before you move to another country. And we recommend that you do conduct your due diligence before doing so. This means doing a little homework with regard to the lifestyle you’re seeking. Generally speaking, this can include big topics such as: laws, government, crime statistics, transportation needs, and of course you need to take a look at your new home.

Is your home built to your standards, using quality materials? How about creature comforts such as appliances, hot water, lighting? These are just a few of the many important things to be considered before you move. And even while we make every effort to provide the necessary tools and information for you to conduct due diligence, its inevitable that the questions people have will always outnumber any print or online resources we can provide.

It’s true, the more you start to think about leaving the country, the more questions start to pop up. Can I buy my favorite brand of shampoo? Can I order Pay-Per-View movies? Will my phone charger plug into the power outlets? The list goes on.


It’s been said that it’s the little things in life that matter. The answers to questions like these can ultimately make or break your overall satisfaction with life abroad. This is, again, why we encourage due diligence that’s more than just research from home.

If you want to get to know island life, for example, we encourage you to come visit the community at Grand Baymen. There are thousands of nuances and… little things that make life here more enjoyable than anything that can be portrayed by a website or brochure. A prime example –where to get a haircut in San Pedro?

Beauty parlors and barber shops in San Pedro are in many ways just like those in the U.S. They are neighborhood spots where ladies and guys alike catch up on gossip, talk sports or their favorite TV shows, or even local news and current events. The same is true here on Ambergris Caye. In fact, it’s a great way to get to know the culture and some friendly faces from the island.


There are a number of establishments around the island that will provide a quick trim, or much more, such as an up-do for the ladies. Manicures, pedicures, and massages are all available too. For the guys, expect a razor close cut, and a shave if you prefer. Expect to pay no more than BZ $10, and expect good conversation. Just like at home, the barber shop is the place where community news is shared. Locals pass through to sell nuts or DVDs, or just to say hello.

G-Cutz Barbershop is located just a five-minute walk from Grand Baymen, and so is Carol Goudreau Esthetic, a French-Canadian owned beauty parlor and spa. There are several others across the island and throughout town as well. As with many services provided in Central America, the service providers are masters of their crafts. Customers can expect personalized care, attention to detail, and extremely friendly, happy service any time you walk in the door.

To conduct your own due dilligence, whether it be learning where to get a haircut on Ambergris Caye, or anything else, please view our available specials. When you are ready to plan your trip to visit the community at Grand Baymen, click here.

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Sean Connors

Written by Sean Connors

Driven by the quest for adventure and kindred spirits, Sean joined the ECI Development team for the chance to explore Central American landscapes and cultures. As a writer, he enjoys discovering sources both new and old, but often cannot recall the right word when he needs it.