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10 Signs You Should Invest in Belize

Posted by Grand Baymen on Jan 29, 2015 1:00:09 PM
Grand Baymen

Happy Retirees Walking on the BeachBelize is a beautiful destination in Central American that offers sunshine, scenery, beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. While it is an amazing place to visit on vacation, it can also serve as a wonderful home and a great place to invest in property.

Stay tuned as we reveal the 10 signs highlighting why you should invest in Belize.

1. The Exchange Rate is Stable

The American dollar is worth exactly two Belize dollars, which makes it easy to convert currencies, determine the true value of investments and predict pricing in the future.

2. It is Close to North America and Europe

Many real estate investors as well as full-time residents look for destinations that are still relatively close to home. The location of Belize is ideal as it is just a two-hour flight to Florida and a six hour flight across the Atlantic to Western Europe.

3. English is the Official Language

Whether you're worried about chatting with your neighbors or communicating clearly at the bank, the fact that Belize's official language is English will make things much easier every step of the way.

4. Tourism is Booming

Each year, the number of international tourists to Belize rises, showing a promising trend that will generally result in rising land prices and a positive return on investments within the country.

5. Retirees Gravitate Toward the Location

Retirees in search of sun and affordability are beginning to see the appeal of life in Belize. An influx of retirees can mean that property prices rise and the economy sees additional growth, all of which are good news to early investors in the country.

6. Property Prices Remain Surprisingly Affordable

Despite all the positive news above, property prices are still affordable. That means investors can find beachfront properties at a fraction of what they might cost in North America.

7. Investors Receive Impressive Tax Incentives

Investing in Belize means that you can enjoy tax rebates and incentives from the local government. Capital gains taxes, for example, are nonexistent for foreign investors in Belize.

8. Foreigners Get Equal Property Rights

In many global destinations, foreign property owners don't have the same rights as local property owners. In Belize, however, everyone is on equal footing, which is good news for anyone from overseas thinking about buying real estate within the country.

9. Government and Banking Systems are Stable

One thing to look at when buying property overseas is the stability of the local government as well as the country's banking system. Thankfully, Belize is impressive on both fronts, and the nation offers security for your investments today as well as years from now.

10. Cost of Living is Low

Last, but certainly not least, is the cost of living in Belize. Since daily expenses are so low, rising numbers of residents and visitors will continue to increase. If you're thinking about spending time in your investment property, you'll also appreciate the affordable dining, shopping and transport.

These 10 signs are just a handful of the many reasons that investing in Belize can be a smart move for you.

Find out more about your options to live, vacation or visit Belize.


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