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Tropic Air Lets YOU Be the Co-Pilot

Posted by Mike Cobb on Jan 21, 2015 1:19:32 PM
Mike Cobb

Mike In Tropic AirplaneWhen have you been given the opportunity to sit next to the pilot of a plane as you fly 10,000 feet above the ground? On Tropic Air, Belize’s domestic airline, you can try out that front seat when flying to San Pedro.

Tropic Air flies Cessna Grand Caravans, one of the safest, well-built commuter airplanes in the world. Tropic Air started in 1979, and has since grown to be the primary air taxi service around Belize.

Many people grew up infatuated with the idea of flight. Me included. Many times though, one can end up in a packed jet nowhere near a window. Not with Tropic Air. I just spent my flight from Belize to Cancun in the co-pilot’s seat, my view of the beautiful reef below unrestricted.

Tropic Air offers a variety of services both in and outside Belize, and their primary focus is the comfort and safety of their passengers. Booking a flight is a simple process, and all the information is useful for both potential customers and frequent flyers.

Cessna2Though in many places in the world the idea of “flying in style” is no longer a reality, flying in a small, safe plane with a comfortable number of passengers is the norm in Belize. You can use this service to fly from mainland Belize out to Ambergris Caye or to many of the countries in the region.

This comfortable, streamlined service is something I could definitely get used to, and the convenience is hard to pass up. If you are living in the region or just trying to plan a vacation, Tropic Air really gives you the freedom to travel in style.

Flying with Tropic Air is just one of the fun adventures you may encounter when visiting Belize. Find out more about vacationing in Ambergris Caye.

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Mike Cobb

Written by Mike Cobb

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