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Don't Let Bad Travel Advice Keep You From Experiencing Wonderful Adventures Abroad

Posted by Grand Baymen on Jan 8, 2015 3:11:47 PM
Grand Baymen

Vacationing AbroadEveryone has received that one bit of travel advice that makes you shake your head in wonder. There are people who like to travel, people who love to travel and people who live for the travel experience. You will receive different travel advice from every type of traveler and the worst of it all depends on the type of traveler you are.

Bad advice abounds in the travel world, it’s up to you not to take it.

People who simply like to travel value different aspects of the experience than those who truly love it and live for the next time they set off for a new adventure. Even those travelers who love their vacation days more than some of their relatives will have a different perspective than the people who are thinking of their next trip at every moment, saving, planning and dreaming. Bad advice abounds in the travel world, it’s up to you not to take it.

Some of the worst travel advice ever given has to do with food, dining and cuisine.

Many people are of the belief that eating in a foreign country or even in particular establishments like roadside cafes, should never be done. A lot of this attitude comes from ignorance and fear. Some people are afraid to eat foods they have never tried or even heard of. Perhaps they had a bad belly ache after a meal in Europe and they swore to always eat their own cooking in other countries.

On the other hand, there are those travelers who adore the cuisines they find in other countries. It is part of the experience they love so much. Not enjoying the food while abroad is like cutting out half of the fun.

A whole other realm of bad travel advice is saved just for female travelers.

Well-meaning people often tell women not to travel alone or not to travel to certain countries for fear of kidnapping, assault and even sale into slavery. While there certainly is a slim chance at something catastrophic happening to a woman travelling alone, a certain amount of safety precautions can keep trouble at bay.

Limiting travel experience because you are a woman alone is simply not an option for many of today’s women. This same advice is often given to families who travel. Stories of kidnapped children run the gamut, but the reality is those instances are few and far between and can be thwarted with safe travel practices.

People give travel advice based on their own experiences and expectations.

Bad travel advice isn’t a personal attack. It isn’t a subterfuge move to sabotage your vacation. The people who dole it out do not do so in mean spirit or with intent to harm. They aren’t being condescending or lofty, even if it seems so. People give travel advice based on their own experiences and expectations.

It is unfair to distribute wildly specific advice in a broad and ineffectual manner, but it happens nevertheless. The solution is to take travel advice, no matter who it comes from, with a grain of salt. Each person’s experience is uniquely personal and what seems like a terrible trip to one person can be the epitome of perfection to another.


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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

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