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Top 5 Things to Do in Belize City

Posted by Grand Baymen on Jun 10, 2014 3:23:56 PM
Grand Baymen

Belize CityAs the largest city in all of Belize, Belize City is often at the top of the itinerary for most travelers. Resort beaches and unending shorelines have their appeal, of course, but visiting the city is also a wonderful glimpse into the incredible culture and vibrancy that Belize has to offer.

Here are just five of the countless ways you could pass the time during a day trip or even an entire vacation spent in Belize City.

1. Visit the Government House

One of the top attractions in the city is the Government House, a colonial building that conveys some of the heritage and culture of the destination. Built in 1812, the beautiful structure was once home to the Governor General of Belize, who was the agent on behalf of the King or Queen of England. Today, the Government House is a tourism landmark and a museum housing colonial artifacts and national treasures.

2. Spot Wildlife at the Belize Zoo

A big hit with children and families is the Belize Zoo. The environment is animal-friendly, and they have plenty of space to roam in comfortable habitats. You'll come across jaguars, deer, cougars, tapirs, panthers and an array of tropical birds that represent the region perfectly. Visitors can join a guided tour to learn more about the animals, or you can navigate on your own with the help of a map.

3. Indulge in the Tasty Local Cuisine

No trip to Belize City would be complete without trying some of the incredible local cuisine. Local eateries serve up regional specialties that feature organic produce and many ingredients sourced from the area. Dig into a boil-up, which is a staple meal in the region made up of fish, plantains and yams boiled together in a sweet, rich and creamy coconut milk. You can also sample plenty of fresh seafood, or even just a refreshing cocktail over the sea.

4. Admire St. John's Cathedral

As the oldest Anglican Church in all of Central America, St. John's Cathedral is a must-see for anyone who loves history or architecture. Believe it or not, the cathedral is still an active church, and those who want to can attend a service there on the weekend. Outside of church sessions, you can stop in for a tour of the interior as well as a look around the gardens and colonial cemetery.

5. Tour the Belize Museum

Housed in the former Queen's jail, the Belize Museum is one of the biggest attractions in Belize City. The highlights include the colonial relics and the ancient Mayan artifacts, but kids love the insect gallery and even the impressive stamp collections.

Visiting Belize City can be an incredible opportunity to see the country and what it has to offer. Click here to learn more about how to make your next getaway to Belize a truly memorable success.

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