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Diligence and a Good International Real Estate Attorney are Essential for Belizean Property Investment

Posted by Grand Baymen on Mar 13, 2014 2:06:57 PM
Grand Baymen

Belize is an extremely good place to invest in property.  The nation’s native language is English, there are many expats already living there, and specific areas, particularly places such as Ambergris Caye, continue to win accolades on the worldwide stage for being top vacation destinations.

All of these factors mean that investing in Ambergris Caye condos or other Ambergris Caye property is a good idea.  However, to be successful, it’s important to get a good international real estate attorney and give due diligence to the task in hand.

Buying property abroad can be fraught with difficulties, but it really is no different from, say, a couple living in New York deciding to buy a farmhouse in Maine.  Even with this plan, there are many factors to consider.  To ensure that a sale goes through successfully, it’s important not only to have excellent legal help, but also to research the project thoroughly.  With the proper research, individuals will be alerted to possible risk indicators, and won’t be plowing on regardless even if something is wrong.

Overall, access to data in the United States is easy, so it’s quite simple to research local house prices and make sure that the correct sum is being paid.  However, this isn’t true for buying abroad, and this is where it’s crucial to conduct thorough research.

It’s vital to look at the local Belizean market in depth to ensure the right price is being paid.  It’s also important to look into extra costs that might be placed on top, such as taxes on personal items being moved to the new house abroad.  Land titles must be carefully looked at to ensure that they’re as risk free as possible.  Meanwhile, any sanctions on land must be considered, particularly if they prohibit property for use as, say, a business.  In addition, if a business is being started, it’s important to choose an area of Belize that’s particularly popular with vacationers.

Buying property in Belize isn’t hard, and many people have already invested in beautiful condos and other property.  However, for those who want the least stress possible and the chance to spend happy days in the sun without hiccups, giving the project due diligence and ensuring they have a good and well informed international real estate lawyer in their corner, is extremely important.

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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

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