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Tourist and Expat-Based Businesses are Ideal for Belize Investors

Posted by Grand Baymen on Mar 10, 2014 12:25:49 PM
Grand Baymen

Many people are investing in Belize, either as retirees or individuals simply wanting to move abroad and start a new life. Â Belize is the ideal location for many people because the local language is English, and the wonderful climate gives people ample time to relax in the sunshine. Â This developing country offers the ideal canvas on which to build a business, and, for those investing in Belize, building a tourist or expat-based company could fund retirements and a new way of life.

Whilst some people might be able to retire to Belize and enjoy not having to work, for many individuals, some form of income is required if they are to sustain a way of life that they have become accustomed too.  Belize is affordable to live in, but people may still need some form of income and something to keep them busy. There are many business ideas that can be developed, and some of the best are those that are either aimed at tourists, or other expats moving to the country.

Belize is a natural tourist destination, with many companies already targeting the hospitality and diving market.  As the country becomes even more popular with vacationers, there is still the opportunity to create a new company, from a souvenir or dive shop, to an ice cream parlor and café, or bed and breakfast.  Building a tourist-based business can fit well with an individual’s own hobbies, allowing them to turn their passion into an income.

Alternatively, as Belize already has a large expat community, there is the opportunity to launch a company aimed at helping others who have moved there.  This could include opening an American diner to cater to those who miss the foods back home.  Perhaps other services, such as fitness centers and storage services are missed, making the ideal business venture for new start-ups.  Even babysitting services or children’s clubs could be ideal if individuals move to an area where there is an expat community with kids.

There are many business opportunities to take advantage of when moving abroad. Â For the savvy investor, targeting their new company towards a specialist market is a good idea. Â In Belize, this would include tourists and expats who already live in the beautiful surroundings of Ambergris Caye.

For those who need to fund their move abroad, starting up a small company is not only a way to makes ends meet, but also to indulge in a passion and a new career.

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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

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