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Important Steps to Take Before Moving to Belize

Posted by Grand Baymen on Mar 7, 2014 3:39:46 PM
Grand Baymen

Belize is a fantastic paradise for retirees, and many US citizens make the move to places such as Ambergris Caye, so they can enjoy cheaper living costs and a beautiful climate. Â However, prior to moving, there are several things that those investing in Belize need to do.

Firstly, while moving to Belize might seem like a dream, it is vital that individuals spend as much time in the country as possible before they pack their bags permanently. Â The country is a hotspot for American retirees, and the fact that the local language is English helps immensely.

However, no one should ever take it for granted that they will fit into everyday life. Â Therefore, before moving, it is important for individuals to spend as much time as they can in the country. Â Taking a vacation for a week is not long enough, and individuals should aim to spend a month at a minimum, living in their desired destination.

Another important step is to consider exactly what little pleasures in life potential immigrants are prepared to forego. Belize is still a developing nation, and this means that not every service or product they are used to in the US is going to be available.  The fact that specific brands or items might not be available often doesn’t cross peoples mind’s until they are in the supermarket and suddenly realize there is nowhere to buy their favorite denture cleanser or peanut butter brand.  While many familiar products are imported, they will be more expensive than at home.

Ensuring that family and friends are also well informed is crucial, particularly for those who want their loved ones to visit. There is little that can be done to prevent the initial shock when people discover that a move is on the cards.  However, by including the family in Belizean research and getting them involved in the process of moving, loved ones often come around quickly.  It also means that they are more likely to come and visit.

A final, and essential, step to take is to move all financial accounts online so they can be accessed via the internet. Â Very rarely does moving mean that all financial ties at home are severed. Â Often, there are banks and credit card providers who still need to be corresponded with. Â By putting everything online before moving to foreign shores, individuals can ensure they can conduct all their financial obligations remotely.

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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

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