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Isla Bonita Elementary School Gets an Education

Posted by Grand Baymen on Feb 28, 2014 8:54:29 AM
Grand Baymen

For the schools on Ambergris Caye, it is important to teach more than the curriculum and give students important street knowledge to help them stay safe and keep out of trouble.

On February 21st, San Pedro Town’s Isla Bonita Elementary School hosted a public event to help educate people on issues such as smoking, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.  Two members of the town’s police force attended to judge the booths, while many adult members of the public were taught by San Pedro’s youngsters for a change.

It is important, for both children and adults, to stay healthy and have a good knowledge about these issues so they can avoid unsafe practices. Â However, getting youngsters educated at an early age is very beneficial as kids can be taught what to look out for as they grow up, particularly when entering their teenage years. Â For the schools in San Pedro, making sure kids are street savvy and can grow up to lead fulfilling lives is vital.

The children themselves created each booth at the school, with students taking on the topics of STDs, Effects of Smoking, Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS. Police Constable (PC) Juan Chuc, and the San Pedro Police Department’s Officer in Charge, Luis Castellanos, attended the event and judged each booth.

The youngsters put together some very creative displays on the topics required, with games, examples and pamphlets offered to any members of the public looking around.  One group of six pupils charged with creating a booth for their Alcohol Abuse topic revealed that many of San Pedro’s youth might turn to alcohol if they become bored.  “Children of San Pedro are drinking alcohol before they turn 18.  This is causing health problems such as Cirrhosis of the liver,” one of the students explained.  Meanwhile, the booth showcasing smoking problems used a large replica of a cigarette to explain why people’s health was put at risk.

The open house at Isla Bonita Elementary School was a huge success, with the children creating extremely informative displays and taking on the responsibility to showcase each topic well. Â For the policemen and members of the public who attended, there was a lot to see and discuss. Â The event also demonstrated that the school takes the education of its pupils extremely seriously, and is arming its youngsters for the world ahead of them.

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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

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