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PUP Initiates Early Campaign Efforts

Posted by Grand Baymen on Feb 11, 2014 6:08:24 AM
Grand Baymen

While the town council elections may still be a way off, the People’s United Party (PUP) have decided to get a head start, getting their campaign efforts initiated well ahead of any election.  In 2015, the town council elections will be held, followed by general elections in 2017.  To make sure they are in the right place and are prepared, PUP are readying themselves for the Belize Rural South (BRS) constituency early on.

Talking of the fact that they are starting so early, PUP’s campaign manager, Darwin Palma said that they were already recruiting new members.  Joined by assistant campaign manager, Dina Graniel, PUP members are beginning to strategize their campaign, and this includes getting more people on board who live throughout the BRS region.

The executive committee member of PUP, Rene Guzman, explained that once enough people are on board, the team would start campaign efforts based on realistic issues that affect those living in Belize.  Talking of past elections, Guzman said: “Past elected officials have promised many “unrealistic” goals to our community.  Our aim is to talk to people and have them understand the real issues affecting all of us.”  Guzman added that it was crucial that future committees were more transparent, saying: “The present Council is in the last year of its term and we have not yet heard about any financial report from them.”

Over the following months, those living on Ambergris Caye can expect to see more of PUP as members talk to locals about the issues that affect them.  PUP executives said that they are committed to listening to residents so that realistic projects can be developed and plans put in place to better people’s lives at a grass roots level.  In addition, Guzman revealed that it was a strong priority for PUP that they work alongside the Belize Youth Movement (BYM).  The aim is to deliver better tools to San Pedro’s youth, helping individuals to grow and become empowered to take charge of their future.  The political party believes that many youngsters have been marginalized as other priorities have taken over.  However, this must be brought to an end for the benefit of everyone’s future.

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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

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