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San Pedro Cancer Fundraiser Held On February 1st

Posted by Grand Baymen on Feb 5, 2014 7:02:29 AM
Grand Baymen

Throughout the world, cancer continues to be one of the most devastating diseases. Â In Belize, many people are keen to tackle the problem, with donations and fundraisers often held to help provide the vital funds required, not only to give people medical treatment, but also to funnel money into cancer research. Â On Saturday February 1st, the residents of San Pedro Town came out to support the first fundraising event of the year.

The San Pedro Cancer Society (SPCS) has been raising money to tackle this disease for many years, and it started its 2014 events with a bake sale at the beginning of this month.  Setting up its stand beside the well-established BOAZ Golf Cart Rentals, the SPCS had all manner of pies and other food on sale, including a wide variety of delicious-looking cakes.  There were not only rich chocolate cakes, but cupcakes and smaller takeaway options too.  A large banner was hung to show just how the SPCS are supporting people, with the slogan “San Pedro Cancer Society: Where strangers become friends, battling cancer, side by side!”

The bake sale was aimed at raising money to help those individuals on Ambergris Caye suffering from cancer. With cancer continuing to blight so many lives around the world, many are keen to show their support.  This was illustrated by the fact that the SPCS’s event raised a huge total of $1,105.85 on the day and, as such, has been hailed a huge success; however, donations are welcomed at all times of the year. And for those who wish to give money to help others, the SPCS will happily accept further monetary gifts.

It’s important for communities to come together in times of need, supporting each other and helping those who are struggling. Residents of San Pedro Town continually demonstrate this by their attendance at community events and fundraisers, which have become the lifeblood of the town.  The latest bake sale has shown that both community spirit and the SPCS continue to thrive on Ambergris Caye, making it a fantastic place to live.

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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

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