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San Pedro To Tackle Garbage Issues

Posted by Grand Baymen on Jan 28, 2014 7:02:56 AM
Grand Baymen

Belize is a huge tourist attraction, and to keep visitors flooding in, it’s vital that the nation remain as welcoming and beautiful as possible. Unfortunately, there’s been a mounting amount of garbage on Marina Drive. And now, San Pedro town mayor, David Guerrero, has said that something must be done about it.

Garbage has been increasingly becoming a problem for San Pedro over the past few years, and now the dumping along the southern portion of the town has become unbearable. The disposal of waste is a major issue for the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), and with millions of pounds worth of rubbish produced every year, finding the best way to get rid of it is a challenge. Not only are the piles of debris along Marina Drive an eyesore, but they’re a health and environmental concern too. In addition, for those residents whose income relies on tourism, having piles of garbage around won’t help attract visitors.

Talking about the problem, Mayor Guerrero said “I went to the area on Monday (January 20th) and we took pictures so that we can share with our residents via social media because we want to show them the challenges we are faced with. It is shameful that we have residents dumping garbage there. The sight is unpleasant, plain nasty and unacceptable.” It was revealed that rubbish consists of water heaters, old stoves, general trash, pieces of furniture and much more.

The SPTC are now taking action to find those responsible for dumping, and ask anyone who sees residents leaving waste there to take pictures. Along with the images of the waste, it’s hoped that those using the tip can be named and shamed into stopping their bad habits. There are areas in San Pedro where trash can be legitimately thrown away, and residents are being encouraged to use these sites. When placed in these areas, the SPTC’s Belize Soil Waste Management Project can act properly, helping to ensure that garbage is funneled in the right direction.

Currently, San Pedro produces around 3,480 tons of solid waste per year, but this is expected to rise dramatically to more than 37.5m pounds of trash by 2030. This means that action must be taken now to ensure that people are disposing of their rubbish via the correct methods.

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Grand Baymen

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