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Red Cross Reveals Continued Support From San Pedro Community

Posted by Grand Baymen on Jan 10, 2014 12:06:32 PM
Grand Baymen

Providing medical care and saving lives is the most important thing for the San Pedro Red Cross. Over the past few months, the organization has helped train several San Pedro Town residents in first aid, ensuring that people are equipped with vital skills to safeguard people's health. Now, the Red Cross has reported on the continued support they are receiving from those living on Ambergris Caye.

The San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross (SPBRC) has received a lot of support over the past few months. First, Crazy Canucks have continued their efforts to raise money for the organization. A Think and Drink trivia contest has been held on a weekly basis since June, raising $500 for the SPBRC as a result. A total of $175 of this came in during last Friday's trivia night, indicating that support for the Red Cross is only gaining strength.

Meanwhile, Coco Loco held an event at San Pedro High School. Here, not only were teachers trained in vital first aid, but a supplies drive was also held. In addition to collecting many supplies needed to complete medical care kits for the high school, $387 was raised. With Rob and Michael from Legends Burger House and Bamboo Chicken coming out to support the event with live music, there was a lot of merriment in the air too.

In addition to these two events, a Cayo Appeal Fundraiser was held to support those affected by the flooding that occurred in Belize River Valley and the Cayo District. As part of the assessment, the Belize Red Cross came together with the National Emergency Management Organization to help the 200+ families who have been most affected by the bad weather. The SPBRC collected clothing, money, toiletries and food to help those in the community affected by the extreme flooding. The fundraiser was a great success, raising $676 and gaining more than 300lbs of food.

Amy Stevenson, a Red Cross Volunteer, said: "It was truly very heartwarming to have school kids bringing food and donating their juice money. We also had some very unfortunate givers. Folks who had so very little came and donated either food or money. Hector was the first, he spent all his money to 'buy food for the kids' he said. Another woman, named Amy, donated some money. She is a single mom of 4 kids living in San Mateo."

The continued support for the Red Cross goes to show just how much the local community cares.

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Grand Baymen

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