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Belize Government’ Development Plans create new market facilities

Posted by Grand Baymen on Jan 2, 2014 8:41:10 AM
Grand Baymen

It’s been revealed that phase two of the Belize Rural Development Project has started, as the EU continues to work with those living in Belize to better conditions of everyday life.  Two market groundbreaking ceremonies have been held as construction workers prepare to build the new facilities that will offer services and centers of commerce for those living in rural areas.  This will help people expand their businesses, whilst also developing new rural jobs.

Both of the ceremonies were attended by the Minister of Works & Transport, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, the Minister of State and officials working for the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Works. Â In addition, area representatives for both sites, as well as town and village councilors, were in attendance.

The first ceremony took place in Independence on December 16th. Â Here, the new market plan consists of two buildings, each being around 1,332sq foot in size. Â Four permanent stalls will be placed in each, allowing up to eight vendors to rent new places for their work to be sold. Â A parking lot will also be created which, in addition to easing traffic, can also be used for additional event space.

On December 17th, the second groundbreaking ceremony took place in Benque Viejo del Carmen. Â Here, six permanent stalls will be built for long-term rent. Â In addition, four stalls with roofs, but with open sides, will be developed for daily or short-term rentals. Â The short-term stalls can be additionally divided into four spaces for maximum space on event and market days. Â If all goes according to plan, then both markets will be ready for operation in September 2014.

The development of the stalls has come about through the Belize Rural Development Project, which aims to create better commerce in rural locations.  This is expected to have a knock-on effect of providing more jobs and bettering rural communities as a whole. Training has already taken place to equip market managers in the skills they’ll need to ensure that subsequent market running is seamless.  Market stakeholders have also been found to help create a development plan and ensure that both markets are used to maximum effect when they open.


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