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Dance Academy Puts On Spectacular Christmas Show

Posted by Grand Baymen on Dec 26, 2013 3:50:17 AM
Grand Baymen

San Pedro has been wowed by a dance spectacular put on by the town’s local academy.  This year, the San Pedro Dance Academy presented The Topical Nutcracker; a festive Christmas story about a girl who journeyed from a cold and snowy climate to enjoy the merry season in a tropical paradise.  The residents of San Pedro Town look forward to this event each year, and in 2013 it was well attended, with everyone applauding the hard work put in by the dancers and choreographers alike.

Each year, the Dance Academy’s Christmas show is highly anticipated by everyone living on the island.  In 2013, the event was held in the Rafael Angel Nunez Auditorium on December 15th, with the dance troupe’s performance being a great way for the participants to thank the community for all the support they receive throughout the year.  Residents flocked to the performance, which helped them get in the mood for this special time of year.

This year, the Christmas show had a tropical twist and told the story of a girl who wanted to enjoy her festive extravaganza in a warm climate, away from the ice and snow of many people’s traditional winters. Forty-six dancers performed the 45-minute routine, with all members of the dance academy, from beginners to advanced and juniors to seniors, taking part.  In addition to the beautiful dancing, various tropical songs were included to make the Latin salsa, Belizean punta, brukdown and the vibrant bachata dances come alive.  The participants had also gone to great lengths to wear stunning and complimentary costumes for the Christmas-themed music and dancing, to create an even more beautiful presentation.

The Tropical Nutcracker was well attended by family members of the participants and those living in San Pedro’s welcoming community.  The academy did a wonderful job of putting the entire routine together and managed to keep everyone completely engrossed in the story. On January 26th, 2014, a similar show will also be presented in San Pedro Central Park.  This is free to watch and will give the San Pedro Dance Academy yet another chance to shine and showcase its skills while letting Christmas last that much longer.


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