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Rogue Crocodile Captured for Residents’ Safety

Posted by Grand Baymen on Oct 29, 2013 9:36:31 AM
Grand Baymen

It’s been revealed that a rogue crocodile has been captured by ACES (the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary) after it was putting people in danger.  It’s believed that the reptile, which was almost seven foot in length, harmed an ex-pat spear-fisherman last week and, therefore, needed to be quickly caught and relocated.  With the creature now safely contained, residents and visitors can feel safe when returning to the beach and docks.

For several weeks, water enthusiasts and locals in San Pedro Town have been reporting that a crocodile was consistently being spotted on Ambergris Caye’s southern beachside area.  The reptile had been cruising along close to shore as well as hiding under the docks.  After gathering as much intelligence as possible, the team at ACES believes it to be the same animal that had a close encounter with the spear fisherman, which left the man injured.

Taking to the aptly named boat, Swamp Thing, Vince Rose, ACES’ crocodile behaviorist and wrangler, as well as Chris Summers, an apprentice, went to capture the evasive crocodile.  Whilst the reptile eluded the team for some time, they eventually managed to lasso the creature, though it put up quite a struggle when it was finally captured.  Mr. Rose established that it wasn’t micro-chipped and, therefore, has not been caught by the team before.

Speaking of the croc, Mr. Rose suggested that it had moved from its normal mangrove swamp habitat to the beachside as it had found a good source of food.  “Chances are people who are coming in from fishing are cleaning the fish at their docks and they like to attract and watch marine life like rays that come in for the food.  This also means a food source for the croc.  As long as he’s got a constant source and no other crocs to compete with he’s going to stick around,” Mr. Rose said.  He added that they were almost certain the croc was the same one from the fisherman attack, due to its size and the bite marks left on the victim.

At this time, the American crocodile is being kept at ACES’ holding facility until the Belize Forestry Department (BFD) can decide its future.  The BFD permits ACES, a non-profit organization, to conduct their research and management of crocodiles in Belize.

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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

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