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Why Ambergris Caye Rental and Investment Properties are a Smart Choice

Posted by Grand Baymen on Aug 20, 2013 7:15:05 AM
Grand Baymen

Ambergris Caye Rental Property

Ambergris Caye certainly has a lot to offer travelers, retirees and long-term visitors. Located off the mainland of Belize, Ambergris Caye is a scenic destination full of beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and pristine terrain. It is an obvious choice for vacations, but you might want to take it one step further and make a real estate investment. Discover why Ambergris Caye rental and investment properties are becoming such a popular choice among smart investors from around the world.

Tourism on the Rise

If you are thinking about purchasing property anywhere on the planet, there are two things to think about. The first is whether or not you can afford the investment, and the second is whether the forecast return will make you money. While no one can accurately predict the future, it makes sense to invest in a location where tourism is on the rise. A few decades ago, only the most adventurous travelers were spending time in Belize. Today, however, more and more people are interested in getting away from crowds and chain hotels for the chance to experience paradise on their own terms. Having rental properties in a place like Ambergris Caye means that you can attract these types of travelers from around the world.

Low Property Prices

Most people think that buying beachfront property on a tropical island is something far out of their financial reach. In most cases, this probably would be true. However, places like Ambergris Caye offer investments at staggeringly low prices. You might be surprised at just how low the property prices can be, putting Ambergris Caye rental and investment properties within reach.

Dual Vacation Homes and Rental Properties

One of the best things about owning rental property in Ambergris Caye is that it can perform double duty as your vacation home. For most of the year, you might rent out your property to visitors in order to cover the investment and the minimal maintenance expenses. When you are ready for a chance to relax, head to your Ambergris Caye property to soak up the sun and enjoy all the comforts of your own home furnished exactly how you like it.

There is no question that investing in Ambergris Caye property can be a smart choice, whether for a vacation home or a way to make money through vacation rentals. Click here to learn more about some of the available properties on Ambergris Caye.

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Grand Baymen

Written by Grand Baymen

The Grand Baymen Community includes three distinct but complimentary properties that cater to tourists, expats and Ambergris Caye residents alike. Baymen Garden Condominiums – A private, secure condominium community located on a four-acre parcel of property. Exotic Caye Beach Resort – An established, popular beach resort that caters to tourists and residents alike. San Pedro Fitness Club – Ambergris Caye’s premier club - with pool, tennis courts and gym.