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The Different Districts of Belize

Posted by Valeria Espinoza on Mar 12, 2013 11:30:04 AM
Valeria Espinoza

Belize DistrictsBelize is a country that is divided into portions called districts. These would be the equivalent of states to anyone familiar with the United State of America. The Belize districts are somewhat larger than some of the states in the USA, but the country of Belize itself is smaller and there are fewer divisions overall.

There are six Belize districts that make up the entire country and they are:

• Belize
• Cayo
• Corozal
• Orange Walk
• Stann Creek
• Toledo


Cayo exists on the western border of the country and is completely land lacked. Its largest city is San Ignacio and the district itself is the second largest by way of population. Cayo developed later than other districts, as the country of Belize mainly began its growth on the coast of the deeper down the coastal waterways.


The district of Belize is the largest by way of population, with nearly 90,000 people at the last estimate. It holds the capital of Belize City and has a large amount of coastline. The majority of the keys or Cayes, in the language of Belize are considered to be part of the district of Belize. This is where a good amount of the tourist trade comes from and a great deal of revenue comes from both tourism and from coastal trading.


North of the district of Belize is Corozal. This is another district that pulls a lot of revenue from what happens on its coast. There is also a small bit of the peninsula to the east that is part of the district and this makes for a gateway into the waterway to the north that is controlled by this district. North into this waterway is the country of Mexico.

Orange Walk

Orange Walk is another land-locked district that developed later in the life cycle of the country. Because of its distant from the coast, there is a less extensive infrastructure in place and it has a different set of resources and revenue-bearing exports. As the country develops a stronger worldwide connection the inner districts are becoming home to more and more corporate business. This is because until recently there was no such thing as high speed internet commonly available through the country.

Toldeo and Stann Creek

To the south is Toledo and Stann Creek. These are the final two districts with large portions of coastline. There are several trading ports along the coast and the revenue from them supports much of the inner development. These developed as the main population began to expand along the coastline and start new cities. Toledo borders on Guatemala in the south and shares the coastline with them. Guatemala does not have as big of an import and export arena as Belize and there is very little confrontation over business.

There is little bickering between the districts and the overall spirit of cooperation is strong. This was important before the communications grid gained strength over the past few years and brought the entire country closer. The Belizean government is a mixture of parliamentary democratic and a representative government with a monarch and prime minister at the top. This type of organization often lets individual districts handle much of their own agendas.

Overall, the country of Belize is quiet on the worldwide front. They have made a home for many people from other countries and have several incentives that make it easy for others to join their family. Tourism is high in the coastal cities to the east and among the smaller islands that make up a set of keys further east. It is a proud and quiet country which many people are proud to make their home.

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Valeria Espinoza

Written by Valeria Espinoza