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Investment Opportunities Arise In Ambergris Caye

Posted by Valeria Espinoza on Oct 23, 2012 10:28:20 AM
Valeria Espinoza

Anyone that is looking to invest in Belize real estate needs to consider the island of Ambergris Caye. This is a caye that is off of the coast of Belize, still under the government of Belize. It has become quite the investors dream now that the internet is available over most of the island. This was the last boundary to be crossed for many that considered moving to Ambergris Caye.

Making investments in Belize real estate even easier is a small community of Ambergris Caye. Within the community of Grand Baymen are the Baymen Garden condominiums. These beautiful condos are ready to be bought up as investments. These investments can be made through a full loan from a bank in one’s home country, but the easier way to go will be through the Caye International Bank, which has already established a relationship with both properties.

These investments can almost immediately yield revenue through rentals, resale or long term rentals. Long term rental contracts can give a nice steady investment return, while short term rentals often yield a much higher return, but involve more work and a possible higher overhead cost. There may be the need for an onsite investment manager to handle more than one property or to handle the rental terms for any rentals that are taking place.

A Growing Trend

At this point, Ambergris Caye is getting a lot of press lately and the need to act quickly to secure the highest profit margin is now. While there are still plenty of investments open, as more and more people begin to take advantage of these opportunities. At the same time, the cost of investing will gradually rise as more attention is gained. At the moment you can find a condo that is available for just $99,000. With a fifty percent down payment, the monthly payoff payments leave a large margin between the mortgage and a potential rental income.

The local banking requirements for a fifty percent down payment will also likely change as time progresses and the banks have more available liquid assets. This will bring in more investors and the investors will propagate. All of this translates into the time for action being the present. Getting the best deal on an investment now means being able to offer the best deal to potential buyers and renters in the future. If there is competition, then it is essential to be in the best position to act.

The key to some of the best investments in history was having knowledge before everyone else. Ambergris Caye condo properties are the untapped resources that can be taken advantage of now before the rest of the world realizes what they are missing. There is no reason for an investor to not grab up a condo for themselves. At the prices that these condos are being sold and the beautiful setting of the Caribbean, there is no reason at all not to act upon these exciting deals.

It's Paradise and It's Open to Everyone

Families can make the future a secure one, retirement is no longer a worry. An investment in Baymen Gardens is an investment in a solid future in paradise. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity while it still lasts. In a few short years, the owners of these valuable commodities will be sitting in a prime position to make a great deal of money. It is about knowing what to do and when to do it and the time is now.

To learn more about investment options on Ambergris Caye, visit www.grandbaymen.com for more information.

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Valeria Espinoza

Written by Valeria Espinoza