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Events and Festivals of Ambergris Caye, Belize

Posted by Valeria Espinoza on Sep 6, 2012 8:28:30 AM
Valeria Espinoza

This celebratory nation knows how to have fun and acknowledge monumental moments in the country’s history. Annually, Ambergris Caye hosts numerous celebrations that residents and visitors enjoy. If you are visiting the country during these times, be certain to attend any one of them.

Celebrations Held Throughout the Year


Fiesta de Carnival – Annually, the old traditions of Belizian culture are explored and enjoyed. Dance competitions or "comparsas" are held to help people remember and enjoy the time. This carnival, typically, occurs one week before Lent occurs.

San Pedro Carnival – Carnival participants use lipstick, paint, flour and powder to tease certain people.

International Bullfish Tournament – In this tournament, the winner will be awarded a prize of $50,000 if a blue marlin over 500 pounds is caught.


Easter – Many people in the area celebrate religious holidays such as Easter. Easter participants often attend church, socialize and celebrate this holiday season. Kids often engage in Easter egg hunts and kite design.

San Pedro Eco-Kayak Challenge – This kayak race is usually held around Earth Day. Local residents typically cheer on the participants as they kayak from the lagoon side of San Pedro to the Mexico border.

San Jose Succotz Fiesta - Annually, people of the area come together to celebrate the patron saint. This celebration features entertainment and rides for kids. Food and marimba music are also a part of this festive occasion.


Commonwealth Day – This day celebrates the Queen’s birthday with horse races, walks and cycle races. This is a festive event that many people do not like to miss.

Labour Day – On this day, numerous parades, rallies, races and contests are held. It is not uncommon to find people participating in kite contests, horse races and cycle races on Labour Day. The day typically begins with a message by the Minister of Labour.

Toledo Festival of Arts – Children participate in this week long celebration by engaging in drama and music presentations. Arts and crafts exhibitions are also common during this time. Participants engage in basket weaving, clay sculpting, paintings, seashell and calabash vessel design.

Cashew Festival – This festival celebrates the cashew harvest season. The season is complete with live Punta music, Caribbean-style dishes, cashew wine, games and folklore stories.


San Pedro Lobster Fest – The Lobster season opens on June 15th and extends through February 15th. The first week of lobster seasons is accompanied by a block party. Contests are held to determine who can prepare the best lobster dish. Visitors enjoy tasting the latest creations.

Dia de San Pedro – The three-day festival honors the patron saint of San Pedro, St. Peter, with boat parades. During this event, a special mass is held and boats and fisherman are blessed. A fiesta or jump-up follows soon after.


Costa Maya Festival – The Costa Maya Festival is held annually in San Pedro and is characterized by music, food and dance. Food may be featured from both Mexico and Brazil.

Tres Pescados Slam Fishing Tournament – During this tournament, sport fishers are reminded of the need to protect these three special species of salt water angler fish.


Independence Day – Independence Day is marked by numerous religious and sporting activities. These activities are held several weeks before St. George’s Caye Day. Miss San Pedro is crowned on this day before flag-raising ceremonies, music, dance, parades and street jump-ups.


Garifuna Settlement Day – This festival marks the arrival and independence of the Garifuna people in 1832.


San Pedro Christmas Boat Parade – Residents engage in friendly competition by decorating boats with Christmas lights and other decorations. The parade begins at the Town Square and sails toward the Caribbean Villas. At the end of the parade, there is a block party.


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Valeria Espinoza

Written by Valeria Espinoza