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The Districts Of Belize, Six Separate Worlds

Posted by Valeria Espinoza on Sep 4, 2012 3:28:26 PM
Valeria Espinoza

The country of Belize is broken down into “districts” which may be likened unto the “state” of the United States. These districts of Belize are as follows:

• Belize
• Cayo
• Corozal
• Orange Walk
• Stann Creek
• Toledo


The main district of the country is the district of Belize. The capital is Belize City and the population is Belize City. The population of the district is was around 87,000 people in the 2005. The population of the capital at the same time was around 70,000. As one can see the cities in Belize comprise the main portion of the population.


The district of Cayo, with a population of almost 67,000 people is the second largest in the country. Its capital of San Ignacio houses almost 17,000 people. In this district the population is spread amongst a larger number of cities. Cayo is one of two districts that are completely land locked, while all the other districts have a good amount of coastline. This makes the weather warmer and the land itself has deeper and thicker vegetation.

Orange Walk

Orange Walk district is the other land locked district and has a population near 50,000 people. Its capital is Orange Walk Town. These three top districts comprise well over half the population while the others each have a significantly smaller population. The coastline has something to do with this, but in an inverse manner. While the main district of Belize has a large coastline, it also has several keys lying off its coast. This helped to develop the country itself as this area became a shipping hub.

To the south these districts were developed much later in the history of the country. The population initially centered on the shipping towns in the north and then pushed inward in both a spirit of exploration and an attempt to make their country more defensible against attack. It was not until the country itself felt safe and secure that it began to work its way down the coast looking to expand its territory.


Corozal developed in the northern area of Belize into a healthy population of 35,000 in the year of 2005. This district lies behind a peninsula that begins the keys between Belize and the open sea. This is actually a very nice little area lying on the calmer waters hidden behind the peninsula. There are a few larger towns near the coast that take advantage of the water traffic that is going north along the coast.

The entire country of Belize has fallen into a steady progression upward in population. There is a steadily growing area on the key of Ambergris Caye which has gotten a great deal of press lately due to its level of development in both infrastructure and technology. The country of Belize cares for each district in an almost nationalistic sense.

Belize has gotten a good bit of tourism over the years, but the last five years have seen a great bit more than the previous 20. This is going to lead to even greater development of the already populated areas and that will very slowly spread outward from those centers. It is a country that has a plentiful future and every district will see an increase in both revenue and population.

The six separate districts in Belize are each great travel areas. This can easily be made into six different vacations and six distinct experiences that each will hold a lifetime of memories for the family. Everyone should make sure that Belize and its districts is part of their future plans for travel.

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Valeria Espinoza

Written by Valeria Espinoza