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Mike Cobb’ Radio Show May 29th

Posted by Mike Cobb on May 29, 2012 3:49:04 PM
Mike Cobb

Today I'’ll be talking with 3 expats in Belize about their life and experiences there. Gringo life is pretty similar in most of Central America. The Caribbean is maybe the most different, especially life on an island, but because so many experiences are similar, the commentary by today’s guests will have a wide appeal.

John Morgan is the Project Manager for Grand Baymen and he talks about what it’s like to build condos in Belize. JR Tash is the COO for Caye Bank and he talks about his life living and working in six different countries. And Kelly German is the Director of Tourism for ECI Development and the general manager of Exotic Caye Beach Resort. Prior to joining ECI m she and her husband lived on a very small private island running a fishing and diving lodge. She shares experiences of island life in Belize both big and small.

Video - Building Condos in Belize the Crazy Way

Check out this You Tube video our project manager shot when the construction team was hauling concrete to the top of the 3rd floor to pour the roof of the Grand Baymen condos. You’ll see the ingenuity of construction crews who need to move lots of cement quickly and have found a unique way to do it. This video fits right up there with the two-man hand saw hooked to the rear wheel of a truck with a bungee cord.

Check out the truck wheel winch system Here

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Mike Cobb

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