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Ambergris Caye Continues to Hypnotize Tourists

Posted by Kent Payne on Feb 16, 2012 1:01:25 PM

The quaint island of Ambergris Caye continues to hypnotize tourists, both casual and longer term visitors. The background of this island began with pirates and displaced settlers (Baymen), and now attracts people from all over the world looking for a different lifestyle. While some come to start new lives…new businesses…new location…new activities, many just come to chill. Relaxation comes with the bright sunshine…unless you choose to intentionally avoid both. The term ‘island time’ mandates you to slow down and look around and enjoy the white sand, blue water with the white wave line at the reef, and the cool ‘mojito’ or cold beer.

Life can be what you make in on Ambergris... backpackers with snorkels and fins stuffed in the sides wander through the picturesque town. Sun worshipers stake out their 4’X6’ piece of real estate on the beach and baste with sun block. Retirees sometimes look for real estate of the ‘normal’ kind, with first choices a turn-key home or condo that promises to give them years and years of delightful enjoyment in the next years. And, with the costs of living here, sometimes these ‘retirees’ are just over the ‘retirement age’ of 45 years. Certainly an opportunity to enjoy much of the Caribbean lifestyle awaits those who venture into Belize’s Cayes.

While some of the local meeting places include the local beachside palapa bar, there are organizations that choose this venue for company or strategic business meetings. Work hard for a few hours, as did the Exotic Caye shareholders group, for a few hours and then take off the rest of the afternoon for a scuba dive or a barefoot sail. This group, as others before them, learned about offshore banking, trusts, asset protection, and insurance. While you try not to fly back with a sunburn, you certainly want the tremendous ‘overexposure’ to a way to protect your assets or bank overseas. Many will come back ... maybe permanently.

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Kent Payne

Written by Kent Payne