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Halloween on Ambergris Caye - for People and Their Pets!

Posted by Valeria Espinoza on Nov 8, 2011 4:16:54 PM
Valeria Espinoza

Halloween is one of Ambergris Caye’s beloved celebrations. Residents of this island look forward to their yearly opportunity to assume an alternate identity… The level of effort our residents put into their costumes is at times extraordinary. But San Pedranos then take it to the next level… They indulge by also dressing up their pets.

Saga Halloween Party Bikini Dog

Each year the Saga Humane Society throws a special Halloween bash. This whimsical event never fails to delight. I can’t help but giggle while watching local pot lickers prance around in the oddest of attire… From goblins and ghouls… to magicians and pirates… And who could ever forget Scuba Dog? There's always more than enough whimsy and frivolity to amuse even the curmudgeons.

Much to my dismay, I missed this year’s Saga Halloween party. My return flight didn’t arrive until mid-afternoon, Halloween. The party had been held on Sunday afternoon, the day before I returned.  But, fortunately, there were plenty of pictures from this year’s party, thanks to the Ambergris Today and the San Pedro Sun.

Saga Halloween Party - Luna the Ferret

There were 40 pet entries this year.  The grand prize was awarded to Luna, in Rebel Fairy attire.  Luna is quite unusual on this island.  She’s neither a dog, nor a cat. Luna is a ferret!

The Funniest Costume went to Kilo, the Beach Babe, for her doggie bikini. Hated to miss that one… The Scariest Costume went to Hefa the Witch.

Saga depends on the proceeds from their fundraisers to provide care for the island’s abandoned and abused animals. You can link to the recent blog post about Saga Humane Society by clicking here….  If you’re an animal lover, you can donate to Saga Society.  Just click here…

Halloween Parties to Suit All Tastes…

Halloween on Ambergris Caye - 2011

Every year there are two notorious Halloween parties. The first is held at the Holiday Hotel. It’s a tradition here on the island, and the party goes on into the wee hours of the night.

A newer, but equally notorious party is the Pimp and Ho Party, held at Pedro’s Inn. Needless to say, anything goes at that party. Costumes tend to be outrageous, and often are racey... But people in San Pedro are tolerant. We enjoy anything absurd if it's good for a laugh.

So if you ever come to Ambergris Caye for Halloween, you'll find a party to suit your taste!

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Valeria Espinoza

Written by Valeria Espinoza