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Baymen Garden Building A - First Floor Completed!

Posted by Valeria Espinoza on Aug 2, 2011 9:02:52 PM
Valeria Espinoza

I must admit, it's fun watching the first Baymen Garden condo building take shape, right from our backyard. Every day I walk out the back door and wonder what type of equipment I’ll see, how many guys will be working, and what comes next.

Building A will overlook the pool, so the location is convenient… The sunsets on the pool side will be delightful. The building is a stone’s throw from our current abode, also located on the Baymen Garden property.  We’re looking forward to the day our new neighbors move in, on site.  Baymen Garden will then become the first phase of the “community” we had envisioned…

Construction started around the middle of June, when Mike and I were blissfully vacationing in France. Now, a bit more than six weeks later, the concrete first floor has been completed and is in place.  Soon the walls will be going up.

Much Can be Accomplished in Two Days...

Pouring the Building A Handicap Access Ramp

The pictures in this post illustrate the work in progress, over a three day period. The first day workers poured the ramp up to the first floor.  Actually, this ramp was included in the design to meet the accessibility needs for our special first floor handicap unit.  There aren’t any handicap accessible units on this island that we know of.  We wanted to offer the first one.

The ramp provided an extra benefit. The workers could more easily push wheel barrow after wheel barrow of wet concrete up the ramps on the next day.

There were 30 guys working on Saturday, July 30th, the day of the big concrete pour. Of course, that morning there were about 75 eager construction workers waiting outside - hoping to grab a day job…  The contractor has a regular crew of guys. But on Saturday he needed extra guys. The entire first floor pour had to be completed in a single day.

We all kept our fingers crossed there would be no downpours to impact the work or slow down the pace. Â Fortunately, the weather cooperated.

Concrete Mixers and Wheel Barrow Brigade

Two cement mixers always in action. Â A steady stream of workers pushed wheel barrows of cement from the mixers up the ramps to the building. Â They would dump the wet concrete wherever the next section needed to be poured. Â Other guys smoothed it out as quickly as possible.

This is the Belizean way - plenty of pure physical labor. Most of these guys regularly put in a long day of demanding work.  In the USA, they would have pumped the concrete onto the floor, rather than have the laborers undertake this much manual work.

Smoothing Our Concrete Poured for Building A

This process took all day… It was indeed a long day. I have several pictures of the guys working at dusk.

The Tranquil Sunday Scene

The next morning Mike and I walked out to a welcome tranquil scene. No workers on site… No churning concrete mixers… The cement mixers and wheelbarrows were all behind lock and key.   The cement needed to set for a day.  So Sunday, the day of rest, would be just that...

The only other soul to be seen on site that morning was John Morgan, the construction manager. We had all come to check out the prior day’s work. It was a balmy Ambergris Caye morning - with predictions of heat and showers to follow. The clear Caribbean air and morning sunshine gave us the perfect conditions to inspect the prior day’s work. The floor had been completed, as planned. Everything looked good. John Morgan seemed to be  a satisfied guy...

Close Up of Building A First Floor

Day 3 - Close Up of Completed Building A First Floor

It was time to head to George’s cafe for breakfast. I had finally given in to my husband Mike’s hankering for biscuits and gravy with eggs.  The other serious decision to be made was whether we would later head out for the typical San Pedro Sunday event, afternoon beach BBQ…

Visit Baymen Garden, at Grand Baymen, to Check it Out

There are still a few units available. Â Learn more here...

If you would like to visit and check it out for yourself, just book a reservation at the Grand Baymen resort, Exotic Caye Beach Resort - just click here...

Or check out the Chill Weekends schedule. Â The next available Chill Weekend will be in early December, after the rainy season. Â This is a good time to plan and book ahead. Â For more info about Chill Weekends, click here...



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Valeria Espinoza

Written by Valeria Espinoza