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New Sustainable Master Tourism Plan in Belize

Posted by Valeria Espinoza on Jul 10, 2011 2:58:20 PM
Valeria Espinoza

Not unlike Costa Rica, a major portion of Belize’s future economic growth will be determined by the level of success and growth of tourism. Belize’s Ministry of Tourism is increasingly aware that the long term success of the country’s tourism is tied to the protection of their exceptional natural treasures - the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, inland rivers, Mayan ruins, and protected parklands and rain forests…

And the quality of life factor that’s needed to attract and retain visitors, and resident expats, required that the country upgrade its infrastructure and amenities to support any future developments.

Little Belize is but the size of Massachusetts.  So the last ten years’ rapid growth of tourism and real estate development has, not surprisingly, taken a toll... And the Ministry of Tourism has taken notice.

The Honorable Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, is also the area representative for Ambergris Caye. As the Minister of Tourism. he has actively supported the development of a country wide Sustainable Tourism Master Plan. This Plan was recently rolled out and presented to stakeholders around the country.

Impact upon Ambergris Caye…

Tropic Air Ambergris Caye Terminal April 2011

A major goal in the Plan is to address land use - to assure planned growth, vs. haphazard growth. Ms. Christy Maestro - Physical Planner, National Sustainable Program, stated “One of the key components of the master plan is Ambergris Caye.” Minister Heredia has said that there will be firm commitments made in the master plan as to how they will allow developments to continue on the already fragile island of Ambergris Caye.  Both infrastructure and ecological issues are addressed.

This positive step, taken by the Ministry of Tourism, bodes well for the future quality of life, and value of properties, on Ambergris Caye. This type of master plan also supports the desire of Ambergris Caye’s residents for more careful planning, management and control of future developments.

Ambergris Caye residents and property owners are fighting to retain the island’s charm, while  upgrading the quality of infrastructure and amenities. This movement towards sustainable development through better planning is good news for property values on Ambergris Caye. As more controls on growth and development are put into place, the value of existing properties are most likely to increase…

Baymen Garden Environment

At Grand Baymen Belize, we have been happy to comply with Belize’s environmental permitting process for the Baymen Garden condominium project. Baymen Garden is designed to retain a natural garden setting on the property. We are keeping as many of the indigenous trees as possible on site. These trees support the diverse and numerous birds and iguanas that reside on the property. Baymen Garden residents will be able to enjoy the abundant nature, right outside their windows… (Click here for information about the Baymen Garden development…)

Here’s the link to the complete article on Belize’s new Tourism Master Plan…


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Valeria Espinoza

Written by Valeria Espinoza