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A Few Options for Hotels or a Resort in the Cayo District

Posted by Valeria Espinoza on Jun 19, 2010 3:54:48 PM
Valeria Espinoza

Aguda Hotel in the CayoGrand Baymen Belize is gearing up to start construction on Building A. So, in May we headed to the Cayo region to research quality furniture makers. I decided to tag along on this trip with our interior designer, who is selecting the furniture package for these first units. Mike also came along to check out artisans who specialize in building kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

I admit it - we don't travel inland very much. We love Ambergris Caye and are very busy here with Grand Baymen activities. But, the Cayo District is very special. Many people who live fulltime on Ambergris Caye have built second homes in the Cayo, due to the lovely rivers and eco-tourist delights.

This was a chance for us to become re-acquainted with the area, especially since it is so easy to travel there. We took a 20-minute flight to Belize City. The intent was to combine business and pleasure.

First, I headed to the Hoy Eye Center to have my eyes examined and to order new prescription sunglasses. My appointment was at 9 AM. The receptionist informed me that my glasses would be ready by 11 AM! What a pleasant surprise. Talk about quick turnaround...

But, we decided to go directly to the bus station and pick up my new sunglasses on the way back. We were anxious to get up to the Cayo region and settle in. Buses run regularly, so you don't usually have to wait long. We missed the express, so took the "slower" bus. It took about 2 ½ hours to get to San Ignacio, but at a few dollars fare, the price was right.

There's now also a direct flight from San Pedro to Belmopan, for anyone who needs to get to Belmopan or San Ignacio within an hour. The cost is higher, of course. But, the new flight is another option for those of us who choose to live on Ambergris Caye. Belmopan is the country capital, so many business people need to travel back and forth to Belmopan on a regular basis.

Each night we stayed at a different hotel. I wanted to check out several reasonably priced hotel options. There are many high end, exceptional resorts in the Cayo. My goal was to find a few clean, safe places to stay, close to town, for less than $120/night. I was not disappointed.

We stayed at the following hotels:

  • Aguada Hotel in Santa Elena (San Ignacio's sister city) - starting at $35/night and up
  • Martha's Guest House - right in downtown San Ignacio - $60-80/night
  • Mahogany Hall Resort - on the scenic Mopan River - $120-195/night

All three were clean, safe, and comfortable. If there aren't many visitors, you can sometimes negotiate a lower rate. The first two hotels were close to town and very reasonably priced. The rooms were clean, the service very good. All were air-conditioned and had restaurants on site.

Mahogany Hall is a new resort. Located outside of town, in Bullet Tree Falls, it was the most expensive, with much attention to detail, decor, and setting. The river view is stunning. Each room is decorated with unusual hand-carved furniture, specially created for this resort. This is a very special spot.




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Valeria Espinoza

Written by Valeria Espinoza