Socially Responsible Development

Socially Responsible

Hit And Run Development

Western "development" of Central America often involves little more than a land buyer chopping up a piece of property and selling off the lots. The result is often an empty field with some roads and power, but very few, if any, houses or structures.

There is little or no employment created in this process, few taxes are collected for the local municipality, and, because there are no "addresses", tourists have no place to rent or stay. This model has no ability to provide real social transformation in the local community.

The keys to long-term impact and success are community transformation and sustainability.

Committing To Community

The model we use at Grand Baymen is very different as we have committed to the infrastructure of the project. We understand that we are becoming members of the local community and view our relationships in that manner.

The development of ECI properties creates employment for the local population: Grand Baymen and its partners in Central America have employed many locals over the last few years.

Our more committed approach to development means that we are creating infrastructure for tourism and building homes and condominiums for tourists to use. This has the added benefits of creating sustainability of employment and ongoing revenues into the communities surrounding the Grand Baymen Project.