Ambergris Caye’s Future Public Hospital Location

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There is good news coming from the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. During the visit of members of the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) on April 19th the Mayor of San Pedro informed the management of the Polyclinic that a parcel of land has been secured for the construction of a new 24 hour hospital. The welcome news came after both parties held discussions over several issues affecting the delivery of healthcare on the island.

Aside from listening to the concerns raised, Mayor Guerrero informed the Polyclinic doctors that a parcel of land has been identified for the construction of a hospital. According to the Mayor, the Ministry of Natural Resources has identified and secured a piece of property opposite Bowen and Bowen’s Cristal outlet on Blake Street all the way north to the San Pedro Family Fitness Club, adjacent to the airstrip.

The Mayor said that the land has been transferred to the Ministry of Health, who will have to identify funds for the construction of the hospital. While funds can take years to be allocated, the Mayor hopes that the hospital is constructed within the timeframe of the current central government administration.

(Note that the property for the future hospital is just down the street from the Baymen Garden development. So owners will have easy access to medical care, once the hospital is completed.)

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