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San Pedro Condos - A Tropical Paradise to Call Home

Posted by Mike Cobb on Apr 18, 2012 5:59:55 PM
Mike Cobb

There are many outstanding reasons to consider San Pedro Belize condos when looking for condos in Central America. Belize is the only country in Central America that has chosen English as its primary language. Aside from the wonderful citizens of Belize and their peaceful nation, the breathtaking scenery, protected rain forests and 386 km of coastline are a true view of paradise.


The Country of Belize

As a member of the United Nations and British Commonwealth, Belize has enjoyed a stable parliamentary government since becoming independent in 1981. You can easily apply for the Belize Residency Program and enjoy the benefits of no inheritance tax and no capital gains taxation.

The Island City of San Pedro

Without question if anyone is searching for a condo to own or rent around the coast or islands of Belize, San Pedro Belize condos on the Ambergris Caye will be the way to go. A San Pedro, Belize condo that is located either in or near the city of San Pedro will fulfill dreams of living on an island near the Caribbean Sea and the second largest barrier reef in the world, while having access to the amenities necessary to maintain a modern lifestyle.

Condos in San Pedro will provide a quiet, intimate setting for a couple or family. Every condo in San Pedro is close to the beach and offers views of the tropics. The condos combine modern technology with the spirit and culture of the Belize people helping you enjoy the lifestyle that makes Belize famous.

Options in Ownership

Once you have your condo in Belize, you have the option of setting up residency and living in Belize, or renting out your Condo for anywhere from $200 - $700 a night when you are not using it, depending on the size and luxuriousness of the condo you purchase.

If you choose to live in Belize , there is an incredible education system in place for any children that come along. Once settled in Belize, you realize there is little to be done to change the circumstances or challenges of everyday life, and it is unquestionably best to sit back and enjoy the view.

For more information on how you can own or rent your very own Belize condo, contact the Grand Baymen community.


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Mike Cobb

Written by Mike Cobb

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